About us

SOCHA is a leading manufacturer of comfortable and elegant upholstered furniture. For over 25 years we have been creating inspired furniture which apart from interior decoration provides comfort and maximum functionality.

The offer consists of a wide range of products including: sofas, corner items. All models come in todays trendy fabrics, with range of colours meeting the demands of even the most demanding of customers.

Designing furniture is our passion. Ivariably, twice a year our range od products is supplemented with new items developed by our technicians. This gives our customers the possibility to decorate their warm and cosy interiors while following the most recent trends.

Production office

Przemysłowa 7 Str
84-242 Luzino, Poland

phone +48 58 350 60 05
fax. +48 58 678 13 66
e-mail: biuro@socha.pl

Our shop

Wilczka 11 Str
84-242 Luzino, Poland

phone +48 58 678 03 94
fax. +48 58 678 13 66
e-mail: salon@socha.pl